Dr. Despina Hadjikyriakou

Registered Clinical Psychologist

Professional Activities

Dr. Despina Hadjikyriakou is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in Cyprus.
She sees patients at her office by appointment only.

Alongside her private practice, she has been employed by the leading universities in the country. Dr. Hadjikyriakou has taught courses at the Department of Psychology (undergraduate and post-graduate) and the Department of Medicine of the University of Cyprus, and at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Cyprus University of Technology. She has also been employed as a post-doctoral research scientist at the The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics.


Dr. Hadjikyriakou completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology on a Fulbright Scholarship. She then completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University in New York City. She continued her studies at Fordham University, where  she obtained a Master’s and a PhD in Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in Neuropsychology and Health Psychology. ​

Dr. Hadjikyriakou is trained in a variety of psychological treatments by current leaders in the field of psychology:

Clinical Experience

Her clinical experience is extensive. Dr. Hadjikyriakou has treated patients with various conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, personality disorders, eating disorders, and drug addiction/abuse among others. She has received practical training in group psychotherapy at The Addiction Institute of New York, Intensive Outpatient Unit – St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. She treated patients individually at The Personal Counseling Center, Brooklyn College, City University of New York where she was also appointed as the liaison between the Health Center and the Counseling Center. Dr. Hadjikyriakou has also treated patients at CBT-DBT Associates, a practice specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in New York City.

Dr. Hadjikyriakou has conducted neuropsychological testing for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia (e.g. Parkinson's Disease dementia) at The Neurological Institute of NY, Center for Memory and Behavioral Disorders, Columbia University. She has also conducted comprehensive evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of neurobehavioral disorders, such as ADHD; traumatic brain injury; concussions; epilepsy; brain tumors; and genetic syndromes at The Children’s Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Center, JFK Medical Center in New Jersey, and at Neuro-Psychology Practice, PLLC. 

Academic Research

Dr. Hadjikyriakou has been involved with research since 2003 and has published in academic journals. Her doctoral dissertation explored brain functioning in insomnia. She was also involved in various other research projects including a study of a group treatment for insomnia; an intergenerational study of depression using MRI; a child psychiatry/epidemiology study; a study of emotion and emotion regulation, resilience, and coping with grief and trauma; and a study of the relationship between emotional status and memory. In Cyprus she has been employed as a Post-Doctoral Researcher by The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) (Neurology Clinic B') for a study investigating a multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain. The study was  funded by the European Union.

University Teaching

Dr. Hadjikyriakou has taught university courses in Neuropsychology, Sensation & Perception, Cognition, Developmental Psychopathology, Behavioral Analysis and Modification, Mental Retardation, Introduction to Psychology, and Health Psychology. She has also served as a teaching assistant for Concepts in Biology, Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, and as a Peer Teacher for a sociology course (“Social Theory and Social Issues”). In Cyprus she has taught courses at the Department of Psychology and the Medical School of the University of Cyprus, at the Department of Psychology of Neapolis University, and at the Department of Health Sciences at the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK). She is currently teaching a post-graduate course for MA and PhD psychology students at the University of Cyprus. 

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Hadjikyriakou is employed by universities as a clinical supervisor to doctoral students in Clinical Psychology.

Honors & Awards 

Fulbright Scholarship

Fellowship from the International Neuropsychological Society

Cyprus Children Fund Scholarship Endowment for Graduate Studies

Natalie Allon Academic Scholarship in Sociology

Goldberg-Chappell Scholarship (upon nomination)

Induction in Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society, the oldest academic honor society in the United States (upon nomination). ​



Dr. Hadjikyriakou has served as the President of the Cypriot Student Association in America for 2 years (2005-2007), and has helped organize various cultural and educational events in New York City. In the US, Dr. Hadjikyriakou has conducted psychoeducational seminars for college students and parent trainings. She has also been involved in business development, especially as it pertains to mental health and allied health professions. In Cyprus she has been invited as a guest speaker by various organizations, groups and corporations for expert talks and presentations.

Expert Talks
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To contact Dr. Hadjikyriakou's office, call 99-222 698.
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